Locks and door for your business


When you own a physical business, you’ve got a lot to keep secure. The structure in which your business is located holds everything from electronics, to legal documents, to money, and must be protected as much as possible.


Of course, to keep your building secure, you need to use high-quality locks. There are a number of different types of locks for businesses, all of which offer their own benefits and drawbacks.


But which type of lock is right for your business? Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them all.



What are the Different Types of Locks for Businesses?


Push Paddle


For some purposes, having to turn a doorknob or enter a keycode is just inconvenient. It’s much easier to just push on the door and have it open. Link.


Push paddle locks are great for these purposes. Push paddle locks consist of a metal bar which acts as a lever and exists on just one side of a door. All you have to do to open a push paddle door is to push in on the bar.


These types of locks are great for restaurants as they allow waiters and bussers to make it through doors without the use of their hands. They’re also solid choices for public access doors.


Exit Bar


An exit bar, also known as a panic bar, is a lock which fits horizontally across an entire door. It allows doors to be opened simply by being bumped up against.


These types of locks are often seen in areas where large amounts of people must be able to get out quickly should disaster arise. Users won’t have to worry about turning a door knob; they can simply bump up against the exit bar to open the door.


While these locks are fairly secure when fully locked, they’ve got an itchy trigger when disengaged. Simply put, incidentally leaning up against an exit bar can result in you falling flat on your back.


Electric Strike


Electric strike locks are locks which are often used on public access doors. They make use of electronic components in order to disengage from a doorway, and are typically disengaged with the use of a scan card.


The only times that you typically have to engage and disengage an electric strike lock are at the beginning and the end of a day. Throughout the rest of the day, they can be opened freely by anyone who makes their way into your business.


Of course, as you can read here you can also program them so that they automatically lock once their accompanying door is closed.


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