Oppo Research

The go to place to get to know the potential first Madame President.  We have everything from her early days as a radical student to her days at Rose Law firm to more recent federal serving in the U.S. Senate as Secretary of State.  This is the definitive place for all the highlights and lowlights of Hillary’s past.  Think you know about her time at Yale?  Read the file we’ve put together with some of the best research folks in the country.  Think you’ve heard everything about Whitewater – guess again! There’s  a 1001 stories to tell about go ole Hillary.  So pull up a chair and read what we’ve got.

We are building the central repository of all Hillary data – from defending communists in court to hiding the truth about Benghazi!

Got an interesting story to tell? Let us know and we can post it and preserve it for posterity (anonymously, of course)!


COMING SOON (we’re assembling it as you read this!)