Hillary Clinton – the name alone strikes dread in the hearts of freedom loving Americans.  Can you imagine what damage a Hillary White House could do to our country?  Our constitutional rights upended, our moral values eroded and taxes eating up more and more of our paychecks.

Recent polling indicates that Hillary Clinton is among the most popular political figures in the country.  Years of image rehab by Hollywood and the liberal media has helped Hillary effectively convince voters to forget about her past.

Hillary has the lead in nearly every head-to-head survey released this year, as she’s proven to be better known and better liked than any Republican considering a run for president in 2016 at this point.

If left unabated, Hillary Clinton has an excellent chance of becoming our next president.

But, that’s where The Hillary Project comes into play. 

The goal of The Hillary Project is to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president.  Months of planning, research, and high-level meetings have resulted in a strategy that we believe will have an impact on Hillary’s chances of running for president, let alone being actually elected.

THP will wage a war on Hillary’s image through public education about her past and what her previous actions say about her future plans for our country.  Our war against Hillary will take place in a variety of places, including in traditional and non-traditional media (newspapers, news channels, and blogs), through smartly targeted social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and by building a growing number of recognizable opponents to a Hillary Clinton White House.

There are a number of considerations that helped develop THP’s strategy.  First, it is too early to run negative television advertising against Hillary.  Our research and experience indicates that running ads against Hillary at this point would actually have a positive effect on her image by casting her as the frontrunner and liberal martyr.

Second, our research indicates that engaging Hillary using a traditional ground operation (door-to-door and phone calls) will have virtually no effect on her current positive public perception thus leaving her history unknown for a run in 2016.

Finally, the news coverage surrounding Hillary is overwhelmingly positive despite her past because a majority of the journalists covering her are nostalgic of another Clinton presidency and have forgotten about or turned a blind eye toward her past.  They simply aren’t going to tell the story.  If we don’t do it, the American people will not know about Hillary’s past, and nobody is helping them get smarter on the subject.

The Hillary Project (THP) is designed to tell the whole truth about Hillary Clinton, from her early days as a student radical to her days in the White House and beyond. We’re not approaching this based on ideology or party registration; we believe the public needs to focus on Hillary – not the messenger.  That’s why we agreed to make THP a stand-alone committee that would receive funding and support from a core group of Republican political committees, top Republican strategists, and a select group of active Republican donors.

Overall, we’re a dedicated group of citizens that wants to expose the whole truth about Hillary and stop her from becoming the next President of the United States.

THP is a grassroots non-profit organization, the money we raise goes to spreading our message and educating people about Hillary Clinton and on what a second Clinton Presidency would really look like.

Let’s be frank, we don’t believe that Hillary would lead this country into prosperity.   The most powerful weapon we have is a well-organized media outreach program armed with truth about Hillary’s past and analysis about how she would lead our country.

Our research indicates that once educated about Hillary’s past and potential future, American citizens are significantly less likely to support her candidacy.  That’s the result we’re looking for here at The Hillary Project.