Republican SuperPAC Has Exciting New Hillary-Slapping Game And More Fun From Last Decade

Source - Wonkette – 8/6/13 – “Doktor Zoom”

Haha, you hit her right in the face!

Get ready for lots of ’90s nostalgia if Hillary Clinton gets the 2016 Democratic nomination. It’s already underway, as a Republican superPAC, “The Hillary Project” has recycled this hilarious “Slap Hillary” game on its website. The game allows the viewer to administer a slap to a cartoon Hillary or to hear one of two brief audio clips that the producers must think are inflammatory. And as Buzzfeed notes, it was created in 2000, but the Hillary Project site “began spamming reportersto its existence Monday with the tweet ‘Have you slapped Hillary today?’” Oh, and did we mention the cartoon Hillary figure is wearing a pink pantsuit? This is cutting-edge political satire, kids.

Beyond the misogyny, this is quite possibly the laziest use of Flash animation ever put together — at least in the “throw a shoe at George Bush” game, the target ducked. Buzzfeed links to a 2008 blog post that says the game was created in 2000 by

Marie Poe, an award-winning filmmaker and animation producer of numerous hit shows, including MTV’s Beavis and Butthead.

For what it’s worth, IMDB doesn’t seem to agree, but maybe she’s an animation bigwig. The blog also credits her with creating “Slap Bill, Slap Osama, and slap the Three Media Stooges,” but the links to these “animation classics” are dead. Sorry, online gaming enthusiasts!

The Hillary Project’s “games” page also includes such timely satire as a little game where you make Hillary do funny dance moves while wearing a pink pantsuit, and “Street Fight: Obama vs Hillary,” in which Hillary is wearing a pink top and tights for a change. Oh, and there’s a “petition” that you can sign, which will somehow save America from a woman whose “name alone strikes dread in the hearts of freedom loving Americans,” by getting its signers on a fundraising list forever.

Heh. Pantsuits. It’s going to be a long two and a half years, isn’t it?


36 comments on “Republican SuperPAC Has Exciting New Hillary-Slapping Game And More Fun From Last Decade

  1. The people who put together are not just lacking in talent, they're stupid. These attacks on women are one reason why the GOP have to cheat to win any election. So, keep at it, boys. Show us all who you really are.

  2. Keep on keepin' on ReTHUGlicans. The schoolyard bully grows up to be the guy walking my dog. 'Cept my dog things you're a slob and doesn't like you. So you end up mowing my lawn. Best of luck to 'ya.

  3. Your "Slap Hillary" game is offensive and outrageous and you must take it down and apologize right away. Violence against women kills three women every day–there is nothing funny about it."

  4. Violence against women is never acceptable. this is shameful! It isn't enough the GOP takes reproductive choices away from women, now you're blatantly advocating violence b/c a female leader is strong and better educated? call you mom, or your sister or another woman in your life and apologize.

  5. Donovan Fema Hubbard The Slap Palin website is equally disgusting and misogynistic; however, the difference is that one of the sites was created by a credible Republican SuperPAC, while the other has no connection to a national political party. It is pathetic to encourage slapping ANY female simply for speaking her mind. It is even more pathetic to use the Palin website as a justification for this equally degrading and offensive game.

  6. Previous commenters are correct. The "Slap Hillary" game trivializes and encourages violence against women and should be removed. Decent people won't tolerate this. But by posting it the hosts of this website unintentionally demonstrate why it is important to stand up for women's rights. This condescending, sexist website in general and the vicious game in particular will encourage millions of people — perhaps tens of millions — to support Hillary for President.

  7. ok so it's a month later, but I just want to say that responding to someone else's sexism by using classism is not ok. People who walk dogs or mow lawns are some of the most progressive folks you'll find, & to insult or belittle them simply because of their income is classism. And unacceptable. Poor people are your allies, & helped get Obama & many other democrats elected. We need to stick together as progressives, not resort to sexism or classism or homophobia.

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